This is a case of a 28-yea young patient named Vinod Mackrana. The patient had a Acute AWMI with on going chest pain on 12th August 2003 i.e. on the Rakshabandan day. The patient was bought at about 1:00 o’ clock in the afternoon to Bhailal Amin Hospital at Baroda. Dr. Darshan Banker did angiography of the patient. In the angiography it was seen that there was a large thrombus in LAD with TIMI II flow. The doctor threaded a choice PT 0.014 guide wire from Boston Scientific through the guiding catheter to the obstructed artery but because of the large thrombus it became very difficult for Dr.Banker to pass the guide wire. After that no PTCA was done. Dr.Banker then called the relatives of the patient and were told the serious condition of the patient.

Patient was previously given bolus and Integrilin Infusion was started. After about 6 hours of continous Infusion the patient was again taken to cath lab and after that Dr.Banker was easily able to pass the guide wire (i.e. at about 8.00p.m) and then he inserted a balloon catherater over guide wire (Balloon used was Merrick-2 from Boston Scientific) and then Express-2 stent of size 3.5 X 2.4 was placed. After that there was a TIMI III flow established and the patient is doing very well till today.


Coronary angiogram showing a total occluded left anterior descending artery (LAD-T.O.) and a normal left circumflex coronary artery (LCX). Angioplasty restored TIMI II flow with distal filling defects due to residual thrombus (arrow)